Sunday, 9 August 2009

I'm very pleased about the new Gutter magazine, partly because it looks so ... literarily respectable (?) but also because my story is the first, immediately after the editorial! That feels very special and is a great boost. Thanks, Adrian Searle and Colin Begg!

The launch night went well. Loads of people were there and Mono was buzzing. I actually saw a couple of friends, too, which was fun. In particular, I saw David Bell and Catherine Baird, two writers I've worked with through the OU and North Lanarkshire Council. I also chatted briefly with Elizabeth Reeder but couldn't stay for a long catch-up.

On another note, last week brought lots of other good news. My seventeen year old twins, Liane and Mairi, got their exam results. Having already secured their places at university through their fifth year (Higher) results, their sixth year (Advanced Higher) results were less essential but of course if you put in the work, you want to do well. Anyway, Liane got Advanced Higher Music and Advanced Higher French, both at band A, and she got an A for Latin Higher, too (and passed philosophy and classical studies 'units'). Mairi got A bands for Advanced Higher Maths and Advanced Higher Physics, too. She also got an A for Higher Chemistry and for Higher French at the same sitting. So, their results couldn't have been any better and my heart couldn't be more happy for them. Well done, girls!

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