Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Writing tips - Do something different!

It's hard to be sparkly in your writing if you don't feel sparkly in yourself. If you're looking for inspiration or motivation to write, these tips might help you.

  • Do something different!
  • Go for a bus-ride to see what you can see (and smell, and touch, and hear).
  • Take a walk in the daylight.
  • Sit in a crowded fast-food shop to sharpen your ear to young dialogue.
  • Find a tree and hug it (and describe in your notebook exactly what your senses picked up).
  • Lie on your living room floor for five minutes. Ask yourself, 'what if...?'
  • Take a walk in the dark.
  • Read a short story.
  • Spend half an hour on a noisy station concourse.
  • Give yourself a break. No one can produce sparkly writing all the time!


  1. Thanks for the tips. Have noted them in my writers notebook. I often get husband to take me for a run in the car while I stare out the window (notebook) on lap and pen in hand. I find this makes me look at what's wround me. I note down everything I see of interest. Another trick I use is to phone up my youngest brother James and ask him if he has any ideas for me to write about. He usually comes up with something.

  2. Sounds like you're surrounded by useful people, Melanie! x

  3. You know, much as my grammar is shocking and my typos are multiple, I'm really enjoying writing my blog right now. It's not of any great skill or anything and writing isn't something that comes easy to me but it's a really good wind down at the end of the day. Also, sometimes I shock myself with the things I write! I'm pleased with that! I'm using your tips above here that are especially useful because I am in a brand new place and have lots of exploring to do. If I can get myself out of the bad moods, I realise that inspiration is around every corner in this city! xxxxx